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Prsuto and olives

Cuisine on our trips.
Our boat is always fully equipped and has good food for entire trip. However on each island we come to, we know special old stile etno restaurants called ''Konoba''. The ones we will recommend serve dalmatian specialties prepared old stile or as we say ''as mama used to do it''. Decision is of course yours whether you would like to visit these places or not.

Octopus peka

One of famous dalmatian specialties is octopus or lamb under pea (special way of cooking under the lid). Fresh fish, tuna carpaccio, scampi or lamb are usual meals you can try.

Shell pasta

All ''Konoba'' restaurants are very charismatic and offer a special atmosphere. The value of Konoba is always in people who cook and usually own it as well. This is why only, and by our opinion best, way they advertise is word of mouth.
It is definitely a part of Croatian culture which we cherish.

Prices of the meals in Konobas vary a lot, mostly on location and quality.
Usual price for full meal is between 18 and 35 Eur.
This includes 3 to 4 different dishes and local ''medicine'' liquids.
Vine you can try here is home grown and best of the area.


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