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These are some of the best dives we do on our trips and are sorted by islands we visite.

- Korcula dives
- Vis and Bisevo dives
- Lastovo dives
- Brac dives

Korcula caveaaaaaaaa Zaklopatica cave

There are three easy cave dives and one canyon dive which we always do here. Caves are big but have cracked ceiling so light comes through making a game of colors and contrasts. Most of the caves are accessible to OWD as they are down to 20 m depth and with big easy entrance and exit.

Zaklopatica caveaaaaaaaacliff on Korcula

For advanced divers there is a number of cave dives, one of them is big cave, size of airport terminal where you can in the middle of the cave surface and breath. There is a big number or tunnels and swim through which connect caves and all are risk free with no technical cave knowledge needed. Blue colors playing games with sunrays in best ambient possible. Korcula is one of best places to enjoy easy but fantastic dives.

Cannyon dive Korcula

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Teti wreck................Conger eel
Teti wreck.

TYPE: Wreck (cargo steamship)
DIMENSION: L=72 m , W=8 m
DEPTH: 10m-34m
VISIBILITY: Mostly good
CAUSE: Mistake in navigation

This is not some great wreck as the wrecks go but it is full of life. Big Scorpion fish and forbears lay in small cracks while schools of different fish encircle entire wrack. How ever peak of this dive is on the stern of the wreck where as we approach five to eight big conger eels com out to great us and play.

Teti wreck................Teti Wreck

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Vassilios Wreck

TYPE: Wreck (cargo steamship)
DIMENSION: L=104 m , W=16 m
DEPTH: 25m-55m
VISIBILITY: Mostly good

Bow on Vassilios wreck..................Comand bridge on Vasilios wreck

This is a big wreck which lies on its port side. It belonged to greek ships owner E.M. Tricoglu Andros, who has bought it in 1938. He has had an accident at night in 19.Feb1939 on the way from Swansea to Venice,while he was transporting coal. During the abruption of the helm, a ship grounded on the external part of the Stupisce cape and sunk. It is important to check your depth as wreck is big and cargo areas can have 20 divers inside at once without any problem. Any wreck lover will find Vassilios as a gem for its good condition and easy approach.

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Stupiste dive
TYPE: Cave, cliff, canyon dive

Stupiste cave enterance

This is really a hard dive to describe, but here it goes. Start of the dive is next to shore directly on the drop off. On the bottom of the cliff, around 28 m depth is the entrance to a nice cave and only important thing is not to kick over the bottom whit your fins so visibility stays good. Cave is one big chamber and has entrance whit few cracks (see the photo). After the cave we continue next to the cliff and come to canyon and swim through. Here you start to play around different passages and little caves and overhangs. This is an easy but big fun dive with schools of fish surrounding you all along.

Stupiste dive................ diving Vis

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Bisevo dives - near Vis

Enterance to Medvedina cave......................Snorkeling Blue cave

Obviously Bisevo is one of most wanted diving locations in Adriatic and there is a great reason why. Any where on this island you jump in the sea you will enjoy it. Best dives which we do are on Medvedina cave and snorkeling in Blue cave. These dives are unique and rear to do as you need really good conditions. Bath dives are exposed to south winds and can be canceled if wind picks up. However they are worth a trip.

Medvedina cave.................Blue cave

Dives are easy and excessible even for beginners. Ambient, fish, colors, abbiss, they all make you have a respect for this place. I will let the photos tell you the rest of the storry.

Mlue cave......................Bisevo diving

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Dives on Lastovo are great but few fives pop out as best of the best.

Bjelac (white man) island

Bjelac canyon............................Bjelac island

This is a small island NW from Lastovo. It is small enough that you can encircle it in one dive. Rocks and cliffs under the sea look unreal. As if hot lava was dripping down the channels all over the cliffs. There is no bottom as cliffs go vertically from surface down to 150 m. On 17 m depth there is a small crack just big enough for single diver to pass. as you enter the crack it widens up and you are in middle of canyon splitting entire island on half. Gorgonia corrals, scorpion fish, big schools of all kind of different fish are all around. There is no need to go deep on this dive to enjoy it but visibility is often over 60 m so watch out not to go too deep axidentlly

Bjelac dive

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Crnac (Black man) island

Crnac dive

This dive is mainly a cliff dive. You just follow south side of the island. On come places it looks as if giants where crashing the rocks and 100 ton rocks form passages and tunnels where lots of fish lives. I have never dived there without seeing at least 10 moray eels. Dive is often a drift dive so dive boat drops you on one side of the island and picks you up on opposite side.

Crnac dive.....................Lastovo

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Struga Dive

Struga lighthouse

Under lighthouse Struga is 100 m cliff falling directly in to the sea. Under the sea it goes on down to around 50 m depth, forming a great drop off dive. It is easy to do a shallow dive on this location but it is best if you can do a 35 to 40 m dive as most caves and overhangs are deeper. Visibility on this place is stunning 100 m in some periods of the year so it is important to use gauges for your depth not the feeling. Dive is full of fish and corals and there are few caves to enter but some are dengerous to enter without cave diver knowladge.

Struga drop the blue

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Lucice cave................Lucice Cave

Lucice cave
Two big entrances to Lucice cave are on 2 m depth and look like two skull eyes. Entrance is on top of big 25 m deep chamber with two big side channels. Only on bottom of one channel you can not see the exit. It is big but fairly simple dive as there are no small passages or dead end channels. In most of the cave light from top is visible. Often in side of the cave is big school of Jacks. This is the place they come to mate. This is usually the last dive we make on the trip back toward the mainland.

.Jacks in cave

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